Sariputta Institute of Buddhism was founded by the late Dr Tam Van Doan. He was diagnosed to have advanced lung cancer in 2007 but he was fortunate to have found Buddhism that gave him the answers to the meaning of life and death. It was the first time that he realised that unlike any other religions, Buddhism is not based on a metaphysical or doctrinal position, but on an experience common to all humanity- the experience of suffering and how to end suffering. Buddhism is a path that leads a human being to the culmination of the mind's perfect peace, even in this life. Every individual can train to become his or her own saviour. The Buddha said He can only show the Way and we have to make the effort for ourselves. If all people follow His path, the world will become a place full of peace, happiness and compassion, a place like Heaven on earth. The way to inner peace and freedom has been expounded by the Lord Buddha in his many discourses. Despite his constant battle against cancer and going through numerous cycles of chemotherapy, he still found the energy to supervise the building of the premises of the office of the Sariputta Institute of Buddhism and laid the first step toward the realisation of his dream that is to bring the teachings of the Dharma to all Buddhists and non Buddhists alike to understand the way to transcend all the mental delusions that create human suffering. Dr Doan lost his battle against cancer and passed away on 3/7/2010 and he was survived by his wife and 3 children. His wife,Dr Thanh-Tam Thi Pham, is now following the legacy left by her husband with the aim to promote the Buddha's Way to bring Happiness to all beings in this life.

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